What the Heck is Towelgevity™ Anyway?

March 11, 2020 / in , ,

Throughout our website you may see references to Towelgevity™. This is our proprietary weaving and production process that ensures a long-lasting, highly durable towel. And, you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s the care, attention and expertise that separates us from every other towel out there.

Our family-run mill is owned by co-founder, Seher Gürgün, a fourth-generation weaver. The knowledge that she and her family bring to the towel-making process is unmatched. And, that’s why we do things a little differently.

Raw Materials: We choose the best yarn, made from premium Turkish cotton. This cotton has fewer joins and create a smoother, softer and more absorbent yarn.

Design Process: Whenever a new towel design is created, it’s a very hands-on, collaborative process between the design team, production team and our technology team to ensure a beautiful looking towel that is made to hotel-standards.

The Technology Factor: Not only does the mill weave the products, there is a branch of the company that develops and manufactures the precise machinery that allows us to accurately control the quality of the cutting, hemming and stitching. Our tech team is an added resource that allows us to take on any production challenges or find new opportunities to continually improve our quality.

Absorbency Testing: We test our towels to check for consistent absorbency after dying, so you can rely on them to dry you completely.

Attention to Detail: By giving more yarn to the edges, it produces a stronger towel that is rip-resistant and will last for years. We also double-fold the seams and double-stitch them along the lengths for more durability and added stability.

Quality Testing: We check our towels after weaving, after dying and after stitching. If one in the lot fails, they all go back. We also perform random spot checks.

Commitment to Sustainability: Quite simply, sustainability starts with durability. A towel that lasts two to three times longer that similar towels keeps it out of any landfill. Our mill is also OEKO-TEX 100 certified, ensuring that none of our products contain any harmful chemicals, toxins or irritants. While all of our towels are sustainable, we are also pioneering lighter-weight towels that reduce shipping and storage space, as well as water and energy usage while laundering.

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