Zenith washcloth
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The Zenith washcloth is ultra stylish, wonderfully deep, and plush. Thick, closely woven double-loops make these hotel-quality washcloths so soft. The Zenith washcloth is ultra absorbent with a great looking ribbed bottom border. Bring luxury hotel style into your home! Ideal for master bathrooms, guest baths and as gifts.

Designed to be gentle on your face and body, our Zenith washcloth is made with only premium Turkish cotton. It’s a luxury weight of 700 GSM.

76 reviews for Zenith Washcloth

  1. Lori B. (verified owner)

  2. Heather Shannon (verified owner)

    We love your towels, we use them at our bed and breakfast.

  3. Ronn Mervis (verified owner)

  4. Anne F. (verified owner)

    These are wonderful washcloths. Since they were on sale, we bought a few colors to really get an idea of what each color looks like. This will help us determine what colors of towels to buy for our bathrooms.

  5. Lisa West (verified owner)

    We go through washcloths more quickly than the other towels so we like receiving them in just a few days after ordering them. Also, appreciate the laundering tips that are packaged with them.

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